Every pilot starts here. If you are interested in becoming a helicopter pilot you would schedule a 1 hour flight with one of our certified flight instructors (CFI). On your introductory flight you and your instructor sit down and talk a bout helicopters, you cover the basic controls and what they do and then you get to go fly! At York County Helicopters, you have the controls from the beginning of the flight to the end! We show you how the helicopter flies and hovers, and you get to try your hand at it. 

Private Pilot

This is the next step after your introductory flight! During your private pilot flight training you will be taught how to safely and professionally operate a helicopter. You will form a flight training plan with your flight instructor who will take you through the entire process. At the end of your training you will become licensed through the FAA as a private pilot.

Commercial Pilot

If you want to become a career pilot, then this is the next step after you are a Private Pilot! Once you become a commercial pilot, you can now be paid to fly. Through your training with your flight instructor you will build your flight time until you reach the legal minimum 150 hours to achieve your commercial pilot's license.